Oct 2013 - ICANN CEO Roundtable video on New gTLDs - David Green was actively involved with ICANN, and was invited to participate in the 'Reveal Day' press conference (see Media), and also contributed to a video on the future of the Internet along with Vint Cerf, Steve Crocker, Viviane Reading and others. This video was used by ICANN to present at a rountable meeting of senior executives of major Internet companies.

September 2013 - Digital Marketing & gTLD Strategy Congress - presentation on new gTLDs and their impact for brands

October 2013 - Active Standards interview with David Green on the role of standards, guidelines and policies within KPMG's digital governance, and how these have contributed to an improved digital presence (now Crown Peak)

August 2012 - KPMG Social media guidelines - video outlining highlights of KPMG's social media guidelines which were developed by my team for staff worldwide (26K+ views)

June 2012 - ICANN Reveal Day - Participated in a panel discussion as part of the ICANN Reveal Day press conference announcing the applicants for new Internet domains (new gTLDs) - scroll to 50 mins for start of panel discussion:

Video link

May 2011 - J Boye conference -Interviewed for thoughts on digital marleting challenges whilst participating at the annual J Boye conference in Philadelphia: