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Sunday Business Post

July 2016: Are you ready? Quoted in article examining the maturation of digital marketing to 'performance marketing' (synthesis of marketing automation, CRM integration, content marketing etc.).

BBC News

February 2014: New web domain names 'mean big business'

David Green, head of global digital marketing at accountancy firm KPMG, which has applied for .kpmg, is another believer in the power of these new domains. They could be "the biggest change to the internet since the advent of the world wide web", he claims. Practically, the new suffix will help tie together the organisation's disparate offices under one globally recognised brand-name domain that is neither country- nor language-specific. But also, he says: "It will unleash a wave of innovation in digital delivery of services", likening the development to another industrial revolution. Owning a top-level domain, he argues, means owning a massively scalable database - a section of the internet itself - which can be harnessed for a multitude of purposes, such as the delivery of personalised products or services, secure verification processes, and industrial applications.

June 2012: Icann reveals new internet top-level domain name claims.
Invited by ICANN to speak as part of a panel at it's press conference unveiling new domain names, David featured in this short video on how Dot KPMG would be a digital platform for more secure client communications.

 Image  © BBC

Image  © BBC

 Image © The Economist

Image © The Economist

The Economist

June 2012: Dot Dash - article from the ICANN gTLD 'Reveal day' press conference:

"David Green of KPMG, a professional-services firm, sees .kpmg as an opportunity to be fully in control of the outfit's internet presence without relying on a third party. Having the domain name will also allow clients to be confident they are dealing with the real thing, he says."

Dot London

July 2014: Countdown to the end of Dot London priority phase. Quoted in press release announcing the close of the three-month Dot London domain launch period.

Trademarks and Brands Online

June 2014: ICANN meeting: turning fifty. Article on the highlights of the 50th meeting of ICANN in London, which leads with the New gTLDs panel, citing comments from Google and David Green:

On the panel, Buchanan (Google) was joined by David Green, head of global digital marketing at KPMG, who said the "penny has dropped" that gTLDs are not just domain names. Green.. said thousands of brand owners might apply for their own domain in the second round, not expected to arrive for a few years.

The Guardian

February 2014: A new era for domain management. Article on top-level domain names (gTLDs) features KPMG

Marketing Week

February 2014: 'The expanding internet: what's in a name?'

World Intellectual Property Review

December 2013: KPMG moving from dot com - interview with David Green on the strategic importance of a brand gTLD registry system - and that they are much more than just a new domain name:

"We had a very clear understanding from the outset that we were not applying for a domain name—we were applying to operate a secure registry system at the world root of the Internet. There were several advantages to applying, but the primary motivation was to operate a registry system, because it can provide a number of operational and technical advantages," Green says.

This interview attracted commentary on a number of domain industry blogs:
     Domain Pulse: KPMG Says Its gTLD Will Be Default Domain, Abandoning .COM, While It Looks For Innovation
    The Domains: Well Here's The 1st: KPMG To Replace Its .Com With Its New gTLD
    EverSpark: KPMG to Transition from .com to .kpmg – Savvy Digital Strategy or SEO Crapshoot?

September 2013: KPMG lays out gTLD vision - article covers presentation by David Green at a 'Digital Marketing and gTLD conference'.

World Trademark Review

June 2013: 'With launches looming, gTLD applicants expand on their plans'. Write-up of the 'Digital Marketing and gTLD conference' which highlighted comments from David's presentation.
Nov 2009: Twitter announces new brand protection tools (PDF)
Nov 2009: Trademark protection in social media (PDF).


January 2013: These 5 Davos Takeaways are Getting Buzz - feature article on KPMG's innovative, multi-award winning, WEFLIVE.com a twitter aggregation and data visualization service for the World Economic Forum.

"David Green, Global Head of Digital Marketing, KPMG International summarized it this way: "this data shows the power of social media to enable the public and political leaders to engage more directly. There is now greatly transparency around, and public engagement with, important events such as Davos. Business and individuals alike have a chance to air their views on the issues that matter, as the discussions happen."

eConsultancy blog

January 2013: KPMG makes the World Economic Forum a better place for social media - interview with David Green on WEFLIVE.com as well as digital marketing strategy and considerations.

ICANN press conference

June 2012: ICANN new gTLD Reveal Day press conference - David was invited by ICANN to participate as part of a panel discusssion with ICANN leadership on the anticipated impact of the liberalization of the DNS part of the internet's infrastructure. Described as a 'historic day for the Internet' the event attracted widespread media coverage.

Wall Street Journal

June 2012: Google, Amazon, Apple Battle Over Web Domains - article from the ICANN gTLD 'Reveal day' press conference:

"David Green, head of global digital marketing for KPMG, said that the new domain-name system would make the Internet safer. "All of the applicants have applied for the right top operate their own secure part of the Internet. They can determine who is in and who is excluded. Secondly these new registry databases have a layer of security called DNSSEC, so the point-to-point communication is a lot more secure," Mr. Green said."

Sky News

June 2012: Big Rush For New Website Address Extensions - article from the ICANN gTLD 'Reveal day' press conference:

"David Green, head of digital marketing for KPMG said: "It's about a new secure internet. "You can control who's in and who's excluded. Anyone can purchase a dotcom name which leaves it open to fraud. "With these new secure databases, you will be able to lock out malicious third parties."

Information World Review

September 1997: Interview with David comparing electronic business information sources