Having led development of global digital marketing infrastructure in several organisations, David has developed a broad and deep marketing technology experience:

Web CMS platforms

David has led definition, design, development and deployment of web CMS on a global scale on five separate occasions. Whilst a global web and digital marketing platform/eco-system involves numerous systems integrations, a web content management system remains at the core of any enterprise digital platform. Arriving at KPMG, David inherited a highly customised build of MS SharePoint which required immediate remediation (stability, performance and feature set) and a mandate to rescue a troubled project and ensure global deployment, which he did. Later he secured significant investment budget to build a fit-for-purpose digital platform, detailing all product requirements and evaluating major WCM vendors in a selection process. Consequently KPMG was the first brand to launch on Adobe Experience Manager. Whilst at Deloitte David led a platform upgrade on Vignette (since acquired by OpenText).

Social Media

In addition to launching the pioneering social media aggregation and data visualisation platform for the World Economic Forum, (WEFLIVE), and for the Drug Industry Association (DIALIVE - see press release) and social dashboards at KPMG and ICON, working with Finity, David has lead vendor selection and implementation of several technology providers: Crimson Hexagon (monitoring), Spredfast and Hootsuite (posts management), Simply Measured (analytics), GIGYA (social login and sharing).

Marketing automation

As the boundaries between marketing and sales blur under customer focused 'commercialisation' approach, at ICON David has led configuration and embedding use of Pardot marketing automation platform for pre-campaign list segmentation, lead scoring and grading, automated 'drip' and 'nurture' campaigns, campaign analysis and ROI (incl Salesforce CRM integration). David commissioned Deloittte Digital Ireland to develop a portfolio of marketing personas to inform configuration of automated campaigns. David, Deloitte Digital and Accenture all contributed a Sunday Business Post article on marketing automation. David has also been invited by SalesForce to speak at an EMEA customer success event, whilst ICON has been profiled by SalesForce as a 'customer success story'.

Marketing Operations

David has implemented seamless cloud-based operations from enterprise work management (task, project and portfolio management, and dashboard tracking) to digital asset management (DAM) to brand portal and website publishing.

Search & Taxonomy

As a Chartered Information Scientist, David has long understood the importance of rich meta-data models to enable data manipulation, whether to power personalisation of web content, or to refine search algorithms and business rules for results relevancy. Developed ontology, defining entities and relationships for 'big data' manipulation on kpmg.com using SmartLogic, built taxonomies for Deloitte.com using Synaptica, configured Adobe Search & Promote for promoted web search results, and defined classification rules for enterprise search solutions such as Lucene/SOLR and Verity (acquired by Autonomy, which in turn was acquired by HP). Have written several articles, an award winning peer-reviewed research paper, and spoke at several conferences on search engines (see Archive and Events for details).

Web Analytics

David has led vendor selection process for enterprise web analytics (e.g. core capabilities, dashboards and reporting, data export, risk managment, training and support) and has experience with Adobe Omniture, WebTrends, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.


Having first become involved with ICANN and new global top level domains (gTLDs) in 2007, David has championed their introduction - he was the only brand representative to be invited by ICANN at the press conference announcing this historic change to the internet (watch video), and was subsequently cited in a variety of major media including BBC News, The Economist, Wall Street Journal (see Media for full list). David led preparation of successful application to ICANN to operate a 'Dot KPMG' registry at the world root of the internet - financial, technical and operational plans, project management, policy development etc. David was previously a board member of the Brand Registry Group and provided all of the content for the 'Ideas Lab' section of the group's website.


Proficient in MS Office, some Photoshop, basic HTML