Earlier in his career, David wrote on early Internet developments and business information sources for a variety of publications:


Newsweek Internet Guide

Co-wrote and edited by David Green way back in 1997, "The @nswers, Newsweek's guide to the
Internet", was used as a free gift to new subscribers throughout Europe, Israel and South Africa.
Includes gems such as:

'What IS the Internet?' and
'Will anybody make any money from the Internet?'

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Information World Review

David Green was a regular contributor to Information World Review, which was Europe's leading newspaper for the Information industry, between May 1995 and December 2002. Articles are circa 1,500 words each.

Search Engines


Intelligent Agents

Business Information

Short annual viewpoint article: 01, 00, 99, 98, 97, 96

Other publications

David Green has written articles for a variety of other publications such as:

Research papers

Published in peer-reviewed journals: